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Iranian Online Journal of Urban Research (IOJUR) is a peer-reviewed  online journal which provides a forum for original research papers in order to exchange information and views on significant aspects of urban development worldwide.

This journal will include primary research articles, expert discussions on current urban issues and case studies writtrn in English. Articles are selected that are relevant to both academics and practitioners, but the journal particularly encourages contributions on different subjects and topics and issues in urbanization and urban affairs.

The Iranian Online Journal of Urban Research is a multidisciplinary quarterly journal that focuses on all aspects of urbanization and life within cities. The major disciplines and themes are as follows:

  • Urban planning and design
  • Anthropology and other social sciences
  • Urban architecture and construction
  • Life and behavior in urban contexts
  • Culture, history and heritage
  • Urban economy, investment and development
  • Environment, ecology, climate change and urban sustainable development
  • Disaster, hazards and events in urban areas
  • Geographic and geomorphologic studies
  • Urban management, policy and politics in cities
  • Tourism and tourist experiences in urban settings
  • Urban transportation and mobility
  • Urban landscape and green space
  • Urban infrastructures and installations
  • Suburbanization and urban poverty
  • Future technologies and smart cities
  • Urban preservation, restoration and renewal
  • Religous aspects of urbanization and urbanism
  • Planning and design regulations and codes

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